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100 Years of Design on the Land

100 Years of Design on the Land tells the stories of ten American places through specially commissioned photographs by Carol Betsch and Andy Olenick from several LALH titles, including Silent City on a HillA Modern ArcadiaThe Best Planned City in the World, and A Genius for Place. The ten featured landscapes—from Mount Auburn Cemetery in Boston (1831) to the Camden Public Library Amphitheatre in Maine (1931)—include parks, garden suburbs, cemeteries, and gardens across the country. All are open to the public today.

Since 1992, LALH has been developing books that explore the meaning of influential American places and the ideas motivating the people who created them. Contemporary landscape photographs fill an especially important role in LALH books. They not only evoke the original spirit of a site but also capture the layers of change that have occurred since the site was first designed—and that, of course, is part of the story, too. As the landscape architect Fletcher Steele once observed, “The story does not end. On it goes, getting more and more interesting as we get old and have time to understand.”

100 Years of Design on the Land is sponsored by the 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery, in partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle, as a community-based public service.



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