September Conference Celebrates Rebels with a Cause

September Conference Celebrates Rebels with a Cause

Daniel Urban Kiley
Daniel Urban Kiley at home in Charlotte, Vermont, 1997. Photo by Karen Madsen from Dan Kiley Landscapes, the Poetry of Space edited by Reuben Rainey and Marc Treib.

Whether they created public plazas or private retreats, each of the eight landscape architects featured in the LALH conference “Masters of Modern Landscape Design” asserted a distinct artistic vision. What they shared, from Dan Kiley and Garrett Eckbo to Ruth Shellhorn and Lawrence Halprin, was assertiveness itself—the boldness to break with tradition and embrace designs they believed were relevant to the modern condition.

On September 28 and 29, prominent scholars from all over the country will gather at the Indianapolis Museum of Art to introduce their recent work on these modern landscape architects, who also include Thomas Church, James Rose, Robert Royston, and A. E. Bye.
The conference also will launch the eponymous new LALH book series: Each of the conference speakers is the author of a forthcoming monograph exploring the career, major works, and legacy of a modern master.

Kiley’s landscape for the Irwin Miller House
Kiley’s landscape for the Irwin Miller House, Columbus, Indiana. LALH archive.

And the IMA’s location offers two special bonuses: a tour of Oldfields, a twentieth-century estate on the IMA grounds, and a field trip to the Miller House, Dan Kiley’s masterwork in Columbus, Indiana.

For registration details, stay tuned to the LALH Facebook page and the LALH calendar page.

Designers whose works will be featured in the conference and book series:

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