LALH has two new books and a new film in development, slated for release in 2014—watch the for dates:

Arthur A. Shurcliff:  Design, Preservation, and the Creation of the Colonial Williamsburg Landscape, a book by Elizabeth Hope Cushing, examines how various influences on landscape architect Arthur A. Shurcliff (1870–1957)—his early years in Boston, his training, and his experience creating an Arts-and-Crafts style summer compound in Ipswich, Massachusetts— led to Colonial Williamsburg, his largest and most significant contribution to American landscape architecture.

Arthur Shurcliff’s “Jolly Boat"
Arthur Shurcliff’s penultimate child transportation effort, the “Jolly Boat.” Courtesy of a Private Collection.

In John Nolen, Landscape Architect and Planner, author R. Bruce Stephenson profiles this influential American designer of the Progressive era. Nolen (1869–1937) looked to European city-planning models, particularly the English garden city movement, to structure the rapid urbanization of the early twentieth century into more efficient and livable form.

John Nolen's general plan for Venice, Florida
John Nolen’s general plan for Venice, Florida.

Community by Design: The Olmsted Firm and the Development of Brookline, Massachusetts, the newest film in the America by Design series, shares the title of the 2013 book by Keith N. Morgan, Elizabeth Hope Cushing, and Roger G. Reed. Like the three preceding films, this one runs approximately twelve minutes and will be available for free viewing at

Storrow house in Brookline, Mass
Filming at the Storrow house in Brookline, Mass. Courtesy Florentine Films/Hott Productions.