Drawing by Lawrence Halprin, detail



•   JC Miller writes about Royston’s last garden, in Palm Springs, CA, featured in his new book, Robert Royston.

•   LALH author Kenneth I. Helphand discusses Halprin’s expressive drawings in Lawrence Halprin.

•   Historian Nancy Carol Carter explores the career of the landscape architect Paul Thiene in Southern California.

•   Architect and author Marc Appleton writes about his own Santa Barbara garden, Villa Corbeau.

•   Ann de Forest writes about the archive of her grandfather, Lockwood de Forest.

•   Robin Karson remembers Nancy R. Turner, founding president of LALH.

•   Melissa McGrain of Rochester, NY, is named 2019 LALH Preservation Hero.

•   The landscape architect and philanthropist Jack Dangermond, founder of Esri, receives the LALH Legacy Award.

•   The landscape architects Gary Hilderbrand, Mia Lehrer, and Thomas Woltz discuss the role of history in landscape design.