Drawing by Lawrence Halprin, detail



•   Darrel Morrison writes about his meadow designs for a midcentury house in Wilton, Connecticut, featured in his forthcoming book Beauty of the Wild.

•   Morrison’s discovery of long-lost documents at Jens Jensen’s home and studio, The Clearing.

•   In “Nearby Nature,” Robert E. Grese reflects on his tenure as director of the Nichols Arboretum at the University of Michigan, designed by O. C. Simonds.

•   Sarah Allaback explores the history of the ecological laboratory of Edith Roberts at Vassar.

•   Ann de Forest delves into the history of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, designed by her grandfather.

•   Sara Cedar Miller, historian emeritus of Central Park, is named 2020 LALH Preservation Hero, profiled here by Jonathan D. Lippincott.

•   The landscape architects David Kamp, Darrel Morrison, and Margie Ruddick discuss wild beauty and its role in landscape design.