Drawing by Lawrence Halprin, detail



•   Community by Design, a study of the Olmsted office’s impact on the wealthy Boston suburb of Brookline, offers new insight into the firm’s role as a leader in planning.

•   New Urbanist Andrés Duany traces the history of planning in the twentieth century, from John Nolen to the town of Seaside, FL.

•   LALH authors Christopher Vernon and Kenneth Helphand write about Walter and Marion Griffin’s visionary plan for Canberra, Australia, and Lawrence Halprin’s promenade at Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem.

•   Patrick M. Condon, planner and landscape architect in British Columbia, offers his vision of the “streetcar city” of the future.

•   Warren H. Manning research associate Terri Rochon writes about the remarkable 1905 plan for the copper mining town of Warren, AZ—a preview of her essay in Warren H. Manning, Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner.

•   Preservation at the planned community of Riverside, IL, is discussed, along with restoration of the Charles River Esplanade by Arthur A. Shurcliff, and Fletcher Steele’s Camden Public Library Amphitheatre.

•   Thomas Herrera-Mishler, president of the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, is named 2013 LALH Preservation Hero.