Drawing by Lawrence Halprin, detail



•   Graceland Cemetery: A Design History, Christopher Vernon’s forthcoming book on the influential Chicago landmark is discussed.

•   Thought-provoking context to the Graceland story is provided by “Therapeutic Landscapes: America’s Nineteenth-Century Rural Cemeteries and Their Legacy” by Reuben M. Rainey.

•   Robin Karson writes about Fletcher Steele and Design in the Little Garden, and about use and beauty in the design of the Mission House, in Stockbridge, MA.

•   Jane Roy Brown writes about preservation efforts at the Miller House in Columbus, IN.

•   Hazel White profiles the work of the Santa Barbara landscape architect Isabelle Greene, who muses on the challenges and delights of designing her own garden.

•   Pamela Hartford reports on the remarkable photographs of Arthur G. Eldredge, featured in Warren H. Manning, Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner.

•   Learn how a childhood in the mountains of Tennessee helped nurture one of the field’s most passionate native plants proponents, Robert E. Grese, 2010 LALH Preservation Hero.