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Ruth Shellhorn: Midcentury Landscape Design in Southern California

Ruth Shellhorn,a documentary film in the LALH North America by Design series

Over the course of her nearly sixty-year career, modernist landscape architect Ruth Shellhorn (1909–2006) created close to four hundred landscape designs and collaborated with some of the most celebrated architects in Southern California.Today she is best remembered for her Bullock’s department store designs—lush gardens and fountain-filled courtyards that lured shoppers with the promise of the “Southern California experience.” Shellhorn also worked to preserve the region’s coastline and native landscape and helped lay out Disneyland, conferring with Disney on circulation and plantings. Shellhorn’s many private gardens in Los Angeles and Pasadena were elegant, exotic, and among the most horticulturally distinctive of their day.

Created by LALH in association with Florentine Films/Hott Productions, Inc.

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