Rose Cover

LALH and the University of Georgia Press are pleased to announce the publication of James Rose by Dean Cardasis, the second volume in the Masters of Modern Landscape Design series.

“This is the book that the history of a half cen­tury of American landscape architecture is missing. We all owe a great debt to Dean Cardasis for his decades long work to protect and extend the legacy of James Rose.”

—Patrick M. Condon, Chair, Urban Design Program, University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

James Rose, the first biography of this important landscape architect, examines the work of one of the most radical figures in the history of mid-century modernist American landscape design. An artist who explored his profession with words and built works, Rose fearlessly critiqued the developing patterns of land use he witnessed during a period of rapid suburban development. The alternatives he offered in his designs for hundreds of gardens were based on innovative and iconoclastic environmental and philosophic principles, some of which have become mainstream today.

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