Drawing by Lawrence Halprin, detail



•   Catherine Howett’s forthcoming monograph, A World of Her Own Making, is the story of the country estate and village of Reynolda, in Winston-Salem, NC. Howett examines the conjunction of landscape design and the new woman of the South in the person of the feisty and imaginative Katharine Reynolds.

•   The new LALH edition of New Towns for Old (1927) by John Nolen, with an introduction by Charles D. Warren, includes case studies of several towns from Kingsport, TN, to Mariemont, OH.

•   In preservation news:  Central and Prospect Park in New York City; renovations to Skyline Parkway in Duluth, MN; a new museum wing for Reynolda Museum of American Art; and the opening of a remarkable private garden in Jackson, MS, created by Chestina Welty and cared for by her daughter, Eudora.