Photo by Carol Betsch


Improving the Village

The Laurel Hill Association, founded by Mary Hopkins Goodrich in 1853, transformed the Berkshires’ village of Stockbridge into a model American town. Improving the Village traces the evolution of the influential volunteer group that inspired like-minded citizens to establish hundreds of village improvement associations throughout the nation. Founded as a Christian mission by John Sargent in […]

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“Our Whole Country a Park”

The Boston-based landscape architect Warren H. Manning (1860–1938) forged an innovative approach to city, regional, and national planning that paired modern planning techniques with nineteenth-century ideals of rural life. Designing landscapes at every scale, Manning’s visionary goal was to make “our whole country a park.”  In designs throughout the eastern and southern United States and […]

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Calvert Vaux, Landscape Architect

Calvert Vaux (1824–1895), better known as an architect, is most frequently remembered as Frederick Law Olmsted’s partner in the design of Central Park, primarily of its fanciful architectural structures. In this visionary book, Francis R. Kowsky illuminates Vaux’s work as a landscape architect through a significant practice of his own.  In 1850, the American architect […]

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