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New Bits and Hot Bytes at

New Bits and Hot Bytes at With each passing month is hitting a new stride—another new film, a dedicated YouTube channel, rotating bloggers, and more frequent postings of this LALH e-newsletter. Watch for a new Place Study, featuring the Buffalo Park System, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. The subject of […]

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“Dearest Nettie . . . .”

“Dearest Nettie . . . .” During his frequent travels to project sites across the country, Warren Manning wrote hundreds of letters to his wife, Henrietta Hamblin Pratt Manning—“Nettie,” to him. In his unpublished autobiography, he wrote that she was “the daughter of a leading citizen and business man,” and, as his spouse, “was not […]

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Wormsloe Foundation, Billings Book—A Match Made in History

Wormsloe Foundation, Billings Book—A Match Made in History Progress on the forthcoming LALH book about railroad tycoon/ philanthropist/ conservationist Frederick Billings (1823–1890) recently gathered steam, propelled by a $12,500 grant from the Wormsloe Foundation. The book appears in the LALH series Critical Studies in the History of Environmental Design, which examines the conversion of land […]

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Modern Landscape Design Conference to Launch New Series

Modern Landscape Design Conference to Launch Series “Our grave is on axis in a Beaux Arts cemetery,” wrote the modernist landscape architect James C. Rose (1913–1991). Always the gleeful iconoclast, Rose, with Harvard classmates Dan Kiley (1912–2004) and Garrett Eckbo (1910–2000) bucked Beaux Arts formalism in the 1930s to explore the spatial and artistic forms […]

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Antonia Adezio’s Gift

Antonia Adezio’s Gift When the founding executive director of the Garden Conservancy, Antonia Adezio, stepped down in December after twenty-three years, she left more than a hundred conserved gardens, a national membership organization with a network of engaged volunteers, a thriving Open Days program, a West Coast base in the San Francisco Bay Area, and […]

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