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Community by Design: The Olmsted Firm and the Development of Brookline, Massachusetts

Based on the LALH book by Keith Morgan, Elizabeth Hope Cushing, and Roger Reed, this short documentary tells the story of the development of the community of Brookline through the planning efforts of the firm founded by Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. Through plans for boulevards and parkways, residential subdivisions, institutional commissions, and private gardens, the Olmsted firm guided the development of the town, as they designed cities and suburbs across America.

Created by LALH in association with Florentine Films/Hott Productions, Inc.

This film was made possible by generous gifts from:

Mass Humanities
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Notz Jr.
Friends of Fairsted
Azby Art Fund, advised by Thomas B. Lemann
Joanne W. Blokker
Anonymous donor
Nancy R. Turner

Jeff Allen, ASLA
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Barrow III
Boston Society of Landscape Architects
George W. Curry, FASLA
Nancy Newcomb and John Hargraves
James F. Olmsted
Walter and Nesta Spink
Elizabeth Wehrle, ASLA
Foundation for the Carolinas, advised by Dr. and Mrs. T. Price Zimmermann
Mrs. James Cooke III
Alexander Goriansky
Francis R. Kowsky
Debora and Andrew Lichtenberg
Dr. and Mrs. W. Scott Peterson
Margaret E. Richardson
Frances Shedd-Fisher
Nancy B. Taylor

Mrs. Walter F. Ballinger
Wendy Barensfeld
Chris Bond
John Danzer
Edith and Julius Fabos, FASLA
Elsbeth T. Falk
Burks Hamner
Elizabeth Hodder
Jacqueline J. Melander
John Franklin Miller
Darrel G. Morrison, FASLA
Veronica Nanagas-Devon
Jon A. Peterson
Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin
Roy and Laurie Regozin
Clarissa Rowe, ASLA
Dr. David Schuyler
Alida Silverman
Craig Smith
Jean Stringham
Mollie Babize and Mary Quigley
Kelly Comras, ASLA
Judith K. Major
Max Shull
Tanya Cushman
Barbara Shear