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The Best Planned City in the World

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Moving Earth to Create Heaven

The Best Planned City in the World Looks at the Rise of the Revolutionary Buffalo Park System

It’s hard to imagine the world’s major cities without their public parks. The greatest examples, such as London’s Hyde Park, the Tuileries Garden in Paris, and Central Park in New York City, are defining aspects of the urban experience.

It wasn’t always so, as Francis R. Kowsky shows in his new history, The Best Planned City in the WorldUntil the 1850s, the concept of a “pastoral environment in the heart of the city available to all classes of    society” simply didn’t exist. The movement for healthy verdant spaces open to all citizens required visionary men. In 1868 two of them, Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, set their sights on Buffalo, New York. Their goal: to create nothing less than the most extensive park system in the world.

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