New Author Guidelines

For first-time authors especially, the process of turning a manuscript into a book can be a mysterious one. Here is an overview of what lies ahead after your manuscript has been accepted for publication.

As you revise and prepare your final manuscript for submission, we will ask to see a sample chapter including notes. It is important that manuscripts be prepared as carefully as possible before copyediting, and we ask our authors to make an extra effort to fine-comb them before submission. Before undertaking your final revisions, please review our manuscript preparation guidelines and our style guidelines, prepared in conjunction with University of Massachusetts Press. Please refer to a special set of guidelines if you are using Word 2007. As you proceed, attempt to hew to these guidelines zealously. We will check the sample and let you know what more, if anything, needs to be done, or done differently, to make a success of it.

After you submit your manuscript, one of our editors, or perhaps more than one, will begin to work on it, moving it along in its metamorphosis into a book.

Photocopies of art or printouts of scans to come, together with draft captions, should be submitted with the manuscript if possible.

An LALH editor will be your project’s primary shepherd during the editing and production process. Our editors work onscreen using Word’s Track Changes feature. If you have questions or concerns about this process, you should feel free to contact us.

Questions concerning illustrations, digital art specifications, transmittal of scans, and the like should be directed to us as soon as they arise.

When the editing is completed, we will send you the edited files for review via e-mail attachment, together with instructions for reviewing onscreen. (If you prefer, you may print out the files and work on paper.) We will also send you an author questionnaire to be filled out and returned with the reviewed manuscript.

After you return the reviewed edited files, we will do a cleanup edit, inputting the changes, checking with you on last-minute queries, and preparing the final files for design.

All original art (either photographic prints, transparencies, or digital scans) and permissions, with final captions including credits, should be on hand at this point.

The project now goes to our book designer. You will receive a PDF file of the designed page layouts for review.

As author you are responsible for proofreading and attending to any outstanding queries. You will have about 4 weeks to accomplish those tasks. The subsequent rounds of corrected proofs are checked in-house. We will ask you to submit a list of concepts and terms to your indexer and to review the index once it has been completed.

Production from design to finished books generally takes about 7–8 months; heavily illustrated books can take longer. Specific publication months are decided as schedules are woven for the list as a whole by the University of Massachusetts. We will be in touch with you when the time arrives to create copy for your catalog page.

Thank you for your participation in this exciting process!